6 Primary Reasons To Change A Fluorescent Light Bulb With An LED T8 Light Bulb

Up until several years ago the majority of people were being put of with choosing to set up any sort of LED lighting in their houses or businesses because they were simply to expensive. However LED technology has advanced significantly and it is feasible now to install such light in your house at a much lower cost particularly with the introduction of the LED T8 light.

In fact if you are thinking of replacing any fluorescent light bulbs in your house or business then this is the most suitable option for you. The fantastic thing about this kind of LED lighting is that you could place them such fittings where an existing T8 fluorescent fixture is fitted. You can directly change the fluorescent tube with an LED T8 light bulb without needing to change out the ballast (so long as what is previously in there is instant start ballast).

So why must you consider replacing your current T8 fluorescent light with an LED T8 tube?

The answer to this is very simple really.

1. This sort of light is 30% more effective. As well as utilizing far less watt compared to a conventional fluorescent light they even produce a lot more light. Today the majority of the LED T8 lamps use only 22 watts instead of the 28 to 32 that a fluorescent one does.

1. Such lights offer a directional light source, meaning that these emit light covering a location of 110 degrees instead of 360 degrees. So of course now all of the light released is hitting the intended target instead of just 30% of it.

1. An LED T8 bulb transfers light rather than heat. The energy used by such lights is designed to emit light rather than heat. Whereas more conventional light sources of course are likely to generate heat rather than light which is why they aren't as effective now with home or entrepreneurs.

1. Even towards the end of their light such an LED bulb is still going to be giving off light. On average you can expect to not need to replace one of these lights for several years as they are able to emit light for about 50,000 hours. Whereas when it comes to a fluorescent T8 light expect to have to replace it earlier as they only tend to put out lighting for about 14,400 hours.

1. Another important thing to remember is that the LED T8 bulb is much safer as it contains no mercury or glass in them. Not only is it safer on you in the home but also for the environment. Presently around 400 pounds of mercury will end up a waste every year from bulbs because people simply cannot be bothered to worry about recycling them.

1. One last thing that to know about an LED T8 light is that these do not emit any light that is part of the UV (non visible) light spectrum. Not only can this result in damage to furniture by causing the colour in the fabric to fade but also can lead to health issues for because UV lights place strain on the eyes.

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