Devices May Additionally Incorporate Visual Aids, For Example LED Or LCD Readouts To Indicate Object Distance

Parking sensors are proximity sensors for road vehicles designed to alert the driver to difficulties while parking. These units, which use either electromagnetic or ultrasonic sensors, are marketed variously by vehicle companies under proprietary brand names such as Park Distance Control, Park Assist, parktronic or parktronik.

These units feature ultrasonic proximity detectors to measure the distances to nearby objects via sensors located in the front and/or backside bumper fascias or visually lessened within adjacent grills or recesses.

The sensors emit acoustic pulses, with a control unit measuring the return interval of every reflected signal and calculating object distances. The unit in turns warns the driver with acoustic tones, the frequency indicating object range, with quicker tones indicating closer proximity and a continuous tone showing a minimal pre-defined range. Systems may also include visual aids, like LED or LCD readouts to indicate object range. An automobile may include a vehicle pictogram on the car's infotainment display, with a representation of the nearby objects as colored blocks.

Rear sensors may be activated when reverse gear is selected and deactivated the moment any other gear is chosen. Front sensors may be activated manually and deactivated automatically when the car reaches a pre-determined speed - to avoid subsequent annoyance warnings.

As an ultrasonic systems relies on the reflection of sound waves, the system may not identify flat objects or object insufficiently huge to reflect sound - e.g., a narrow pole or a longitudinal object pointed directly at the vehicle or close to an object. Objects with flat surfaces angled from the vertical may deflect return sound waves off of the sensors, hindering detection.

Electromagnetic systems

Electromagnetic sensors parktronik 4 senzora rely on the car moving slowly and smoothly towards the object to be prevented. Once detected, the obstacle, if the car momentarily stops on its approach, the sensor remains to give signal of presence of the obstacle. If the vehicle then resumes its manoeuvre the alarm signal becomes increasingly more impressive as the obstacle approaches. Electromagnetic parking sensors are usually sold as not requiring any holes to be drilled offering a unique design that discreetly mounts on the inner side of the bumper keeping the 'new factory look' of your vehicle

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