The Various Design Of LED Fluorescent Light Tubes

With the recent introduction of LED lighting fluorescent tube in the market, the question of if it is more efficient to continue using fluorescent lamps or exchange them with LED linear tubes have been in the minds of several consumers. Having been informed of the various positive features of LEDs, a lot of consumers are understandably considering switching, with the expectation of attaining better quality and save more.

But, considering the cost involved in the installation of LED light bulbs, a lot of them are wondering if there is a possibility wherein they could use their existing linear fluorescent fixtures with the new LED tubes, without needing to spend a large amount in its installation.

In order to understand such issue, you need to understand the dynamics of LED that separate it from fluorescents. Ballast is needed to operate all fluorescent tubes. Some LEDs may also need a ballast to operate however generally, they don't need it. LEDs on the contrary utilizes a driver which might come in diverse sizes thus multiple options are available. To make LED lights tube work with current fluorescent fixtures, LED manufacturers have introduced three alternatives to choose from.

Read on to learn what type of LED fluorescent light tubes may work best for your particular application, after considering the advantages and disadvantages of each option.


This type of LED lights has an internal driver that enables it to run using existing fluorescent fixture. It is the plug and light type of LED. You can remove your fluorescent lamp and insert this TYPE A LED lights tube, without needing to install or rewire anything. For those who want a hassle-free installation, this is the ideal type of LED tube to purchase since it's just like as if you are just changing your usual tube light for another.

On the other hand, life expectancy of TYPE A LED would depend on the life span of the ballast. Thinking about the life period of an average LED light, you will probably have to change ballast more than once to keep abreast of the LED light's life span.


With this type of LED tubes, the ballast is either taken out or bypassed. The sockets are connected directly to the line voltage. If you opt to use Type B LED tube, you will experience no power loss since power is direct, rather than going through the ballast. Your choice for the length of bulb and wattage is more expansive when it comes to Type B LED lights tube.

If you opt for this type, you will have to make certain modifications to the electrical system. You need to remove or rewire the sockets, and you need to make sure that everything is connected to where it should be, to ensure no malfunction of the unit. Hence, you will also have to spend more for the installation cost. The dimming function for this kind of LED is limited, despite the lack of the ballast.

Type C with remote driver

In contrast to Type B, Type C led tube lights have an external (remote) driver which on's the LED. With this type, there are still electrical modifications to be made although it is a lot safer than Type B process. The operation required with Type C is actually the same with the principle employed in LFLs' use of ballast and lamp. This is actually the most efficient type of LED lighting fluorescent tube and is also effective at working perfectly well with control systems. But, like Type B LED tubes, type C also requires expensive installation cost.

6 Primary Reasons To Change A Fluorescent Light Bulb With An LED T8 Light Bulb
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The Average LFL However Has An Estimated Life Span Of 30,000 Hours, Which Is Certainly Lagging Behind LEDs Capacity
People have been using linear fluorescent lights (LFLs) for years for lighting commercial buildings as well as for household units. Through the years, this type of lighting has proven to provide high quality light yield and also has reasonable life span in addition to being energy efficient.

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Recently However, The Price Of LED Technology Has Really Come Down, Plus Several Other Choices
For the past several years LED technology has been fairly expensive and its installation also cost as much. Hence, individuals have resorted to using alternative lighting technology such as the T8, CFL and Halogen which were supposed to perform like LED but is priced much lower.

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Visible light will always play an important role in everyone's lives. Not only does it boost the sense of sight, but some light sources are even responsible for the survival of the human race.

The Space That You Have Will Dictate The Size Of Each High Bay Light Fitting You Choose To Buy
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Fluorescents Work Improperly With Intelligent Controls Which Also Shortens Their Life Spans
For many years, people have been utilizing fluorescent lamps for different lighting needs at home or business establishments. While the LED tube lights have been around for some time in the market, it is only recently that the tech has been developed to manufacturer them at lesser costs.

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